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Therapy and Supervision
Patrick McDaniel, LMFT

tranquil oak counseling



A famous Buddhist phrase is that each life will contain ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows. Each person has their own odyssey, their own landmarks, bridges, seemingly impassable mountains. Sometimes the journey is easy and sometimes we can't see our way through. Why don't we walk together for a while?



Every teenager is unique. They need an honest and authentic space to work through their understanding of who they are and what the world means to them. 



We cannot fully understand ourselves and our behavior without recognizing that we are also a part of a larger group, a system that pushes and pulls just as we push and pull against it. We need a judgement-free and external perspective to help identify these patterns to interrupt them, if they need to change.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I am a calm but curious devotee to the understanding of human nature. I provide a nonjudgmental and safe space where expression can flow freely to promote understanding and insight. My style can vary depending on the need, from complete unconditional positive regard, to gentle guidance, to active participation. My philosophical grounding is in the newer cognitive behavioral therapies, in particular those that integrate older wisdom traditions, as well as family systems models.

About me

I have been in the mental health field for more than a decade working in a variety of settings including rural, hospital, and at the University of Oregon. I am licensed in Oregon as a marriage and family therapist and I am a registered clinical supervisor with the Oregon board. I offer therapy and counseling in Eugene, Oregon and virtually.

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