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Wild Path

My Approach

Cognitive Behavioral:

Cognitive Behavioral therapies address the functioning of the human mind - a person's thoughts, emotions, and the actions. In the recent past, Cognitive Behavioral therapies have undergone a revision by integrating with older wisdom traditions, as these traditions have long focused on the workings of the human mind and know how to address its needs. These newer cognitive behavioral therapies have modernized these traditions, paired them with the philosophical crux of cognitive behavioral therapy, and has been able to match these processes with recent neuroscientific discoveries. These newer therapies, like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, operate by changing your relationship to your internal state to one of compassion, peace, even humor.


Systemic therapies help us understand that a person is not fully understood on their own, that each person is a part of larger groups, each with their own rules and patterns. These groups, or systems, can be as small as two people to large cultural processes like education, justice, and economics. Systemic therapists work to understand what patterns are occurring within these groups and create change by either intervening to create more, or less, of a pattern or by changing the pattern itself.

Philosophy and Style:

Foremost on my mind while conducting a session is the need for humility. I recognize that I am a brief visitor to your process and that you spend the most time with yourself. You have the most knowledge of what will or won't work. Therefore, I try to remain alert to what you are communicating, either with words and how they're said or by observing your physicality, and adapt by letting go of my direction and refocusing on yours. I also try to carry a great deal of kindness as we are taking this journey together. Finally, a good bit of humor goes a long way.

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