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I am a Registered Clinical Supervisor from the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists which means I am able to supervise those clinicians who are seeking licensure with the Oregon Board. I also have experience supervising licensed clinicians and clinicians who aren't seeking licensure. I've provided clinical supervision for folks who are brand new to the field in their internships to folks who have been in the field for 40 years.

My philosophy of supervision is that the client must come first. It is my responsibility to have an awareness of all of the clients that you are seeing and to understand the clinical decisions you are making for each one. I also recognize that this field can be vast, with a large variety of therapeutic modalities, styles, environments, and experiences. I don't want to limit what you bring to supervision or how you do your job based on my approaches. In fact, I want there to be as little "me" as possible in this relationship. My role is to provide an environment in which creativity can flourish and skills can refine. At times I will be purely supportive, other times I will act as a coach to keep you pursuing your development goals. Occasionally I will need to reflect back observed patterns or provide feedback. My hope is that you will feel that I will always be by your side, a scaffold that will raise you up.

My rate is $70 per hour. I just offer individual supervision for now.

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